Slovakia is the 3rd safest country in the EU with only rare reports of crime, violence or vandalism. Road safety has also been significantly improved in the last 16 years and now is the best in the whole Central European region (the number of road deaths per million inhabitants decreased by 60% between 2001 and 2017).


Bratislava is a city with a low unemployment rate offering thousands of job positions suitable for expats (out of all job openings immediately available for people with higher education in Bratislava, more than 3,000 are suitable for English-speakers, more than 600 for German-speakers, around 100 for French-speakers, around 50 for Spanish-speakers, around 50 for Italian-speakers, around 15 for Dutch-speakers).


Bratislava NUTS2 region has the 6th highest GDP per capita from all the EU regions (and the absolutely highest in the whole CEE).


Bratislava has the highest share of brain business jobs (in the sphere of science, marketing, programming, management, art,...) among all the European capitals.


Bratislava is one of the greenest capitals in the World. Thanks to its big number of green areas such as parks, urban forests and vineyards it was named the 3rd greenest city in the Green Cities Index last year


Bratislava is perfectly located and accessible from other EU capitals, which is useful not only for work but also for exciting city breaks.


Slovakia, being a country with one of the highest levels of income equality in the world (according to GINI index), has valuable experience in providing fair and responsible working environment, which shows its long-term commitment to the goals and values of ELA.


Bratislava, the only World’s capital bordering with 2 countries, is historically a diverse cosmopolitan city inhabited not only by Slovaks, but also by Czechs, Germans, Hungarians and other nationalities.


Slovakia grows fast not only in terms of GDP, but also in terms of its innovative and entrepreneurial potential. Bratislava was recently named the Central European hub for private companies ranked 3rd according to Inc. 5000 Europe 2017 list of fastest-growing private companies in Europe.