Stroll the streets of the city from the historic Old Town Hall to the modern UFO Bridge.
Bratislava castle

Bratislava Castle

The castle has been the symbol of the city for centuries. Located on a hill directly above the Danube, it provides excellent views of the city and neighbouring countries.

St. Martin Cathedral

A three-nave Gothic church from the 15th century and the former coronation church. A gilded replica of the coronation crown fixed on the top of the cathedral tower at a height of 85 metres and weighing 150 kg commemorates this glorious age.
St. Martin 's cathedral in Bratislava on autumn sunny day
Old Town Hall

Old Town Hall

The oldest city hall in the country and one of the oldest stone buildings still standing in Bratislava. Housing the oldest museum of the city and owning a tower that offers a charming view on the city center to its visitors.

Devín Castle

One of the most important landmarks of Slovakia is located on the hill at the confluence of the Danube and Morava rivers. The Devin castle remembers the glory and fall of Great Moravia and was blown up by Napoleon’s army. Later it was declared to be a national cultural monument of Slovakia.

Devin Castle
Primates Palace

Primate’s Palace

A classicist 18th century palace, which houses a unique collection of six English tapestries from 17th century and also serves as the representative seat of the Mayor of Bratislava.

Grassalkovich Palace

A Rococo summer palace from 18th century. Since 1996 it has served as the seat of the President of the Slovak Republic

Blue Church

Also known as St. Elizabeth´s church it was built in the Art Nouveau style at the beginning of the 20th century and is remarkable for the blue colour of its façade and roof.

Blue church


The synagogue was constructed between 1923 – 1926 in the Cubist style. The permanent exhibition of the Jewish Community Museum is installed upstairs and is open to the public during the summer season.


Come to enjoy a panoramic view of Bratislava city from the open-air observation deck on top of its UFO-shaped cupola. The bridge ranks amongst the world´s top 10 largest hanging bridges. Refresh yourself in a fine dining restaurant with a bar on the top. The Bridge with a height of 95 meters offers amazing views of the picturesque surroundings up to 100 km on any clear day.

Slovak Radio building

Shaped like an upside-down pyramid, the Slovak Radio building is an iconic feature of Bratislava’s cityscape.

Slovak Radio building
Rubberneck (Čumil)

Rubberneck (Čumil)

The bronze figure of a man peeking out from beneath a manhole cover is undoubtedly the most photographed statue in the city.


The largest war memorial and military cemetery in central Europe, located prominently on a hill above Bratislava.

Slovak national theatre – opera

Slovak National Theatre – Opera

A Neo-Renaissance theatre building from the 19th century located in Bratislava Old Town. The building has housed Slovak National Theatre ensembles since 1920 and is based on a design by the Viennese architects Fellner & Helmer.

Nedbalka Gallery

The Nedbalka Gallery´s permanent exposition provides an overview of the 20th century Slovak painting and sculpture.

Nedbalka galery

Danubiana Gallery

This museum of modern art is located less than 20 km south of Bratislava on a peninsula surrounded by the Danube river. In the adjacent sculpture park, visitors can see the works of several world-famous artists, such as El Lissitzky, Magdalena Abakanowicz or Hans van de Bovenkamp.

The cultural summer and castle festival

The Cultural Summer and Castle Festival

The biggest city festival, called Cultural Summer and Bratislava Castle Celebrations is a multi-genre festival for residents and visitors to the capital organized in early June.

Coronation City

Bratislava was the coronation city from 1563 to 1830 and it was in St. Martin´s Cathedral where ten monarchs were crowned (including Maria Theresa). Bratislava commemorates its coronation history with Coronation Days organized every year in June

Coronation city