Bratislava surroundings

Despite being the smallest of all regions in Slovakia, the Bratislava region offers visitors many unique experiences and interesting destinations.



Pezinok is a small town situated right in the middle of the Little Carpathian Wine Route, with plenty of restaurants and small shops selling local products. In the upper part of the town, there is a chateau dating back to the 13th century.

The Little Carpathian wine route

The Little Carpathian mountain region is well-known for its wine-growing tradition, wine cellars, and its gastronomy. The wine-making history of this region goes back 2 500 years.

Little Carpathian wine root

Red Stone castle

This castle dates back to the 13th century, situated just several tens of kilometres from Bratislava is one of the best preserved Slovak Castles.

Going down the little danube river

Sailing down the Little Danube River

Sailing down the Little Danube river is an unforgettable experience. It´s also one of the most famous spots for rafting. The river can be easily navigated by beginners or even families with children.

Sunny lakes In Senec

One of the most popular summer resorts in the region. There is an aquapark located in the complex.

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